it’s.BB brings Cyber-Security to the 13th Berlin InnoTrans

At InnoTrans visitors discovered where the future of transportation lies, and explored exhibitions from every corner of the field, from AI directed public transportation ideas to hydrogen powered buses. Meanwhile, it’s.BB explained the cyber-security concerns that come with our ever increasing dependency on digital technology.

it's.BB joins the Brandenburg Economic Development Board’s joint stand to represent the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

From September 20th to the 23rd some of the most renowned, and exciting firms in the field of transportation technology, finally came back together, after four years, for the International Trade Fair for Transport Technology (InnoTrans). it's.BB is pleased to say that we, too, were represented at the biennial InnoTrans trade fair as a part of the Brandenburg Economic Development Board (WFBB) and Berlin Partners stand.

InnoTrans is the world’s largest trade fair for rail transportation technology. It attracts a diverse group of transportation technology experts, manufacturers and suppliers, public and private transport operators and more. This year, 2,834 exhibitors, representing 56 different countries were present. 62.4 % of the exhibitors were international, and 76.1 % are decision makers within the industry; making InnoTrans an extremely exciting opportunity for small and large companies to present their innovations and form new partnerships.

The opening event, ’The Future of Mobility in Times of Climate Change’ highlighted both the importance of sustainability within transportation technology as well as the growing importance of networked mobility, with Mobility+ being the newest InnoTrans segment. Within this segment, exhibitors with supplementary mobility service innovations came together with the transport companies, networks, and administrations to present their latest concepts to the industry. The exhibitors presented apps, new mapping and navigation technologies and more, showing how the latest technologies can and should be used in the transportation sector.

In line with the heightened focus on sustainability, public transportation got its time in the spotlight as well. Fourteen of the latest innovations in buses were shown on the exhibition grounds, along with alternative drive systems and charging infrastructures. Additionally, exhibitors gave lectures on their new technologies and uses.

Cyber-Security and Rail Transportation technology

The new railway and transportation technologies that were on display at InnoTrans will revolutionize the field of transportation, however, with a greater reliance on technology comes greater vulnerability to cyber-attacks. The rail industry is part of the critical infrastructure in Germany, and as digitization continues, cyber-security requirements are constantly growing. Particularly with the rise of networked mobility and the digitalization of critical infrastructures, it is more important than ever for the rail transportation sector to consider cyber-security measures, and protect itself from attacks.

Rail system innovations are an especially important driver of growth for the Berlin-Brandenburg region and its.BB along with the WFBB is ready to support their further growth and digitization. it's.BB’s network of IT-security services, solutions, infrastructures, and more can make a valuable contribution to the sector as a competent contact for technological issues and protection for the networked systems already in existence and presented at InnoTrans.

The future of sustainable, connected, and affordable transportation is an exciting prospect and its.BB was pleased to take part with WFBB, and provide our unique perspective and expertise to the fair. As AI, digital technology, and digitization initiatives push rail transportation systems further into the digital sphere, our need for cyber security grows.


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it’s.BB brings Cyber-Security to the 13th Berlin InnoTrans